Tuesday, 2 December 2008

tradgedy and triumph?

my two-for-one-scrawny-chicken pots sold quite well at the sale. hoorah for people liking them enough to buy them, but boo for me selling them at prices far lower than I would have liked. now Im not too sure where I stand in terms of sustainability of my craft (profitability is a dreamy vision).
Am I hooked on a hobby? why did my own mum think I had over priced everything!
Am going to have a far wiser crack at this commission of cups, keep myself safe from poverty and heartache- with money up front and an order of specific products at agreed prices and amounts. (could be a winner yet). Will also develop the black and white range, work on 2 more cast shapes and play with some fancier clay, that should keep me happy - even happier if I can get some stuff in shops ;)

Friday, 21 November 2008

out with the old

new work, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

a new direction for the holidays (still with the dreaded moulds- am not done with them yet!)... am pretty excited, I think these are finally 'me'.
am feeling a bit sad for the old work. like poor neglected chickens marked down for a quick sale in scrawny sets of two (!)

Thursday, 13 November 2008


many things are creeping closer, ends, beginings, christmas, departures and arrivals, good news and bad...
will see what unfolds soon
its the time for shopping, so I have put a couple of things on etsy (gasp!) it seems a great way to test the water in terms of selling, costing and seeing if there is love for these slip cast babies!
also the Carlton Arts Centre exhibition and sale is very very soon, friday the 28th november 6-9pm and saturday and sunday 11-6pm. Check it out, loads of lovingly crafted ceramics and i don
t doubt a few bargains to be had also (we are so terribly modest).

Monday, 3 November 2008

cup mad

cup mad, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

haha, some of the fun stuff to do within the limitations of repeated shapes. what am i saying.. i love repeated shapes.

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Rightfully, I should be quite bald by now (with the pulling of my own hair through absolute frustration of my own design). But luckily Im not one to focus my full efforts on the project at hand, procrastination and dreaming do have a few plus sides...
Am still yet to get the full go ahead on my tea and coffee commission (picky picky!) so I have been using the rejected moulds for playing around with colours and transfers. hoping to generate some sets for sale - cute pairs may make good pressies...??

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

can I stop pulling my hair out yet?

a bit bland for my liking but... the idea is set now, these are the shapes, this is the colour... its work until its done then I can play with my new tissue transfers and pretty colours.
(I couldn't help myself on these trial cups though, with some very subtle resist patterns in the clear glaz

apologies for continued crappy photography x

Monday, 8 September 2008



mmm, pretty....
still fascinated with stacking, wanting to explore a set of 'geometric' and a set of 'organic' forms. All (hopefully) functional, some wobbly and some sound. Jugs and cups mostly - still have tea and coffee service on the brain.
There are some things out of the kiln, I need to take photos, but they are coming out in dribs and drabs - im such a whore for the grouping, i cant stand to post pictures of them all alone!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

helping hand...

trying to get things done (making time)

and at the same time attempting to get through this stupidly large bag of coffee with my new friends plunger and grinder!
now to make the cups and saucers to drink the beloved coffee from... more on that soon.

Monday, 18 August 2008

ah ha!

I thought I was close to gone for good too.
I havent been making time for the internet lately, really a bit of a shocker, because I enjoy it and find it rewarding - so.. I must take some photos of my new work - the slip casting is all happening. Trials have been completed and new moulds have been made - will take a bit of time to get them through the kiln so I can offer an absolute final REAL example and then start manufacturing. Have also been having concerns that the quality is shit (I break every second one, is this normal?) may have to make twice as many if that is going to be the case..
heres a sneak peak - I was trying to get a slate green thing happening, but its really blue grey. but anyway soon your coffee and tea service may be transformed! I hope!

Friday, 18 July 2008


some amazing things I had to buy over the past few weeks...
Lisa Boyter cups
Laura Walker button
Bridget Bodenham ring
porcelain pleasures!!!

sadly funds have now dried up entirely, and thus I will re-focus on solving my own ceramic puzzles... the stacking cups mock ups were quite successful, and I can actually see the potential in the idea (a fusion of tall things and tea cups - what could be better than a functional/non functional combo?). The casting of the cups has had some success, the hunt for red continues, I have now branched into tinting my own glaze (exciting - should see the samples out of the kiln on tuesday) so hoping for a breakthrough there. Also have had interest (from workmates mostly) in selling cups since I dished out the pink ones, apparently they are nice to drink tea out of and would make good gifts! so thats pretty exciting. Will be off to northcote next week to expand my colour palette and make up a range of slips and knock out some cup pairs.. wish me luck!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

clearly pink

clearly pink, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

I'm over the disappointment now. it was a bit traumatic to see so very much pink when one is trying to achieve red.
luckily I visited the good people at northcote pottery this afternoon and was reassured that I should indeed let the whole silly idea go as frankly its not going to happen. Red could happen but not functional food safe red. it all makes sense now.
(to be honest my application of the pink wasnt exactly quality either, lots to work on still!)

Thursday, 26 June 2008

the goodness inside

inside out why do I not subscribe to you?
shapes colours and collections that speak to me on every second page. too good.

Friday, 20 June 2008

more bowls

freehand bowl set, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

another black on white obsession.
bowls again of course, so simple, so open.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

for example

so the tall shapes are on my mind, but not really progressing.. luckily when you are vaguely always thinking about a shape, material, colour, texture, whatever, your mind seems to be able to do some kid of auto-pilot research for you. its really very good.

Due to some quite #$%** weather, the paper-clay making process has been severely stunted in the drying department. Thats ok, its another thing I dont have any 'real' plans for - the self satisfaction of using up all the clay and recycling the egg cartons is nearly enough!
I'm hoping to try making my first plaster mold tomorrow, fingers crossed...

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Liking these cups by Carol Epp, might be nice to introduce the stacking idea to the tall things series as a functional version... hmmm. also feeling drawn to the natural beauty of stoneware glazes rather than controlled (contrived) design. I want it all! for now, i will continue to investigate the tea cup (underglaze/stain a specified colour, throw a perfect model on the wheel, make a plaster mold, practise slip casting and problem solve saucer and spoon options) I had better get started on that actually now that I spell it out its an awful lot to get organised! In between the serious stuff previously mentioned I am all about exploring the tall things, so much to discover here. And for grounded breathing time... bowls cups and ramekins as usual! I had better stop sleeping in. (the winterness has become a problem) :)

Thursday, 15 May 2008


more grouping ambition...
the tall things want to be part of a large group. Sadly they are labour intensive, clumsy, yet elegant and defini
tely in need of some mates!

PS be jealous of me and have a look at the fabulous bainbridge scarf I am currently sporting thanks to a trade with Kirsten (Assemblage). Love love love it.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

2 ovens

The kiln has cooled, the tea cup trials are out, and the oven at home is heating up for roast dinner tonight. Its all good.
I took a million photos of this group of cups and milk pourer's, I couldn't stop rearranging them! Essentially these are a colour trial to make a set of red tea cups based on the mud australia cups. simple shapes and solid colours with little hand made dashes of personality. Knowing they were just tests I varied the amount and composition of underglaze applied then used glear glaze to seal them....The search for red shall be fun!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008


sometimes its quite hard to pick up where you left off... what was I doing?
I have definitely not picked up all the threads yet (ahem still have the suitcase in the room)
So despite having nothing crafty to say I am here, making a return to my blog (its closely modeled on my return to the gym technique).
here is some goodness from wellington in link form (food and drink and things)

city gallery
good as gold

it would get too boring if I went on, too much goodness. I didnt fall in love with auckland or know where to go to find the goodness rather. back to melbourne goodness it is! I am looking forward to seeing Connie Lichti's work at Stephen McGlaughlan Gallery from saturday may 3, she used to help at the ceramics studio I go to.
I will spring into action now and be back soon!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

australian fridge magnet set

australian fridge magnet set, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

the only treats to come out of the kiln before the long drought...
I made these with cookie cutters ages ago - and have already sent the one shaped like Australia to my brother (a pretend birthday present that was more a sneaky domestic device to remind him of where I am every day).
The postcards on the fridge, the left 2 from Ainjali, the amazing amazing glasses she works with now, and a slice of Italy from nearly 2 years ago! the ladies I bought back from my Europe travels with mum 10 frickin years ago and the right from when Melissa was in Korea (yes, a number of years ago also) I have a collectors reflex for portable images ok.
So the drought, Easter means no pottery. following the Easter break I will be swanning around NZ getting drunk with my much beloved and dreadfully missed friends and family, which is excellent, but no pottery, for like a month. not sure I will cope and will probably not blog in sulky protest.
So please follow my lead and make up for the downfalls of Easter with outrageous amounts of Chocolate. (Melissa I know you are with me)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


this is awesome. all my tactile textile clay dreams come true...
sadly not realised by me, but by Becky Harle.
I have been potting, don't you worry, potting like mad - just not glazing. I'm hoarding, stock piling, delaying, plotting and mostly just being a bit lazy. Luckily I took a photo of my latest cheap thrill before they managed to jump off the shelf in the night (luckily only one broke, one with quite severe denting and one totally fine).
More will be assembled shortly (taller thinner faster)

Thursday, 6 March 2008

a treat

couldn't help it.
I swear, I was lured into the shop against my will and forced to choose from a wide selection of awesome books. I could have chosen something cheaper or not even entered the alluring store in the first place. But, who am I to mess with fate?
from my pretty new The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper

Tracy Kendall

Susan Bradley

Louise Body

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

quite itchy

hoodie jacket, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

oh my god the sewing machine has seen some recent action. Its not quite a miracle, but I was starting to wonder...
As per usual the project has been deemed completed at the wearable but not entirely finished stage. I started this last winter and wore it overlapping and buttoned on one shoulder but It would open out and flap around and pop buttons off randomly. Hence the zip. The whole thing cost almost nothing to make from a big wool remnant a bargain zip and some scrap vintage goodness left over from making pretty cushions for the lounge.

Monday, 25 February 2008


Laura Fayer painting. very nice. Sorry, being very very lazy, slap dash post before work - so cannot be sucked into the time vortex- - Of paper and thread did a proper post here, am loving it, and am on the hunt for inspiration and direction, so thanks!
!and today the pots from the reduction firing were ready to take home!
Some failure and some success, but Its sooooo good to have a point of reference, and see what I want to continue with, drop entirely, try again or push further...

shellac resist was swallowed into the gl
aze. try again..
the scratching was a success, and my fears of the black coming out green were erased when it came out brown (and I like it). will do it again..
the resist things I had laboured over in a fiddly and fussy manner on the plate set are different to what I had planned, but I still like the result, (may) try again (depending on patience level)..
I guess the list of things to try, and develop just gets longer rather than shorter the more you try and develop huh?

Sunday, 24 February 2008


bowls n cups stack, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

the pots I made at home are being cooked, the first firing came out of oxidation on saturday!