Monday, 25 February 2008


Laura Fayer painting. very nice. Sorry, being very very lazy, slap dash post before work - so cannot be sucked into the time vortex- - Of paper and thread did a proper post here, am loving it, and am on the hunt for inspiration and direction, so thanks!
!and today the pots from the reduction firing were ready to take home!
Some failure and some success, but Its sooooo good to have a point of reference, and see what I want to continue with, drop entirely, try again or push further...

shellac resist was swallowed into the gl
aze. try again..
the scratching was a success, and my fears of the black coming out green were erased when it came out brown (and I like it). will do it again..
the resist things I had laboured over in a fiddly and fussy manner on the plate set are different to what I had planned, but I still like the result, (may) try again (depending on patience level)..
I guess the list of things to try, and develop just gets longer rather than shorter the more you try and develop huh?

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