Friday, 18 July 2008


some amazing things I had to buy over the past few weeks...
Lisa Boyter cups
Laura Walker button
Bridget Bodenham ring
porcelain pleasures!!!

sadly funds have now dried up entirely, and thus I will re-focus on solving my own ceramic puzzles... the stacking cups mock ups were quite successful, and I can actually see the potential in the idea (a fusion of tall things and tea cups - what could be better than a functional/non functional combo?). The casting of the cups has had some success, the hunt for red continues, I have now branched into tinting my own glaze (exciting - should see the samples out of the kiln on tuesday) so hoping for a breakthrough there. Also have had interest (from workmates mostly) in selling cups since I dished out the pink ones, apparently they are nice to drink tea out of and would make good gifts! so thats pretty exciting. Will be off to northcote next week to expand my colour palette and make up a range of slips and knock out some cup pairs.. wish me luck!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

clearly pink

clearly pink, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

I'm over the disappointment now. it was a bit traumatic to see so very much pink when one is trying to achieve red.
luckily I visited the good people at northcote pottery this afternoon and was reassured that I should indeed let the whole silly idea go as frankly its not going to happen. Red could happen but not functional food safe red. it all makes sense now.
(to be honest my application of the pink wasnt exactly quality either, lots to work on still!)