Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Liking these cups by Carol Epp, might be nice to introduce the stacking idea to the tall things series as a functional version... hmmm. also feeling drawn to the natural beauty of stoneware glazes rather than controlled (contrived) design. I want it all! for now, i will continue to investigate the tea cup (underglaze/stain a specified colour, throw a perfect model on the wheel, make a plaster mold, practise slip casting and problem solve saucer and spoon options) I had better get started on that actually now that I spell it out its an awful lot to get organised! In between the serious stuff previously mentioned I am all about exploring the tall things, so much to discover here. And for grounded breathing time... bowls cups and ramekins as usual! I had better stop sleeping in. (the winterness has become a problem) :)

1 comment:

  1. ah, this is veeeeeeeeery interesting.
    i love the stacking of "useful" items idea. how totally clever.
    [and good luck with the motivation - let me know what works 'cos i need some, too...]