Tuesday, 2 December 2008

tradgedy and triumph?

my two-for-one-scrawny-chicken pots sold quite well at the sale. hoorah for people liking them enough to buy them, but boo for me selling them at prices far lower than I would have liked. now Im not too sure where I stand in terms of sustainability of my craft (profitability is a dreamy vision).
Am I hooked on a hobby? why did my own mum think I had over priced everything!
Am going to have a far wiser crack at this commission of cups, keep myself safe from poverty and heartache- with money up front and an order of specific products at agreed prices and amounts. (could be a winner yet). Will also develop the black and white range, work on 2 more cast shapes and play with some fancier clay, that should keep me happy - even happier if I can get some stuff in shops ;)

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