Wednesday, 28 May 2008

for example

so the tall shapes are on my mind, but not really progressing.. luckily when you are vaguely always thinking about a shape, material, colour, texture, whatever, your mind seems to be able to do some kid of auto-pilot research for you. its really very good.

Due to some quite #$%** weather, the paper-clay making process has been severely stunted in the drying department. Thats ok, its another thing I dont have any 'real' plans for - the self satisfaction of using up all the clay and recycling the egg cartons is nearly enough!
I'm hoping to try making my first plaster mold tomorrow, fingers crossed...

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Liking these cups by Carol Epp, might be nice to introduce the stacking idea to the tall things series as a functional version... hmmm. also feeling drawn to the natural beauty of stoneware glazes rather than controlled (contrived) design. I want it all! for now, i will continue to investigate the tea cup (underglaze/stain a specified colour, throw a perfect model on the wheel, make a plaster mold, practise slip casting and problem solve saucer and spoon options) I had better get started on that actually now that I spell it out its an awful lot to get organised! In between the serious stuff previously mentioned I am all about exploring the tall things, so much to discover here. And for grounded breathing time... bowls cups and ramekins as usual! I had better stop sleeping in. (the winterness has become a problem) :)

Thursday, 15 May 2008


more grouping ambition...
the tall things want to be part of a large group. Sadly they are labour intensive, clumsy, yet elegant and defini
tely in need of some mates!

PS be jealous of me and have a look at the fabulous bainbridge scarf I am currently sporting thanks to a trade with Kirsten (Assemblage). Love love love it.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

2 ovens

The kiln has cooled, the tea cup trials are out, and the oven at home is heating up for roast dinner tonight. Its all good.
I took a million photos of this group of cups and milk pourer's, I couldn't stop rearranging them! Essentially these are a colour trial to make a set of red tea cups based on the mud australia cups. simple shapes and solid colours with little hand made dashes of personality. Knowing they were just tests I varied the amount and composition of underglaze applied then used glear glaze to seal them....The search for red shall be fun!