Tuesday, 29 April 2008


sometimes its quite hard to pick up where you left off... what was I doing?
I have definitely not picked up all the threads yet (ahem still have the suitcase in the room)
So despite having nothing crafty to say I am here, making a return to my blog (its closely modeled on my return to the gym technique).
here is some goodness from wellington in link form (food and drink and things)

city gallery
good as gold

it would get too boring if I went on, too much goodness. I didnt fall in love with auckland or know where to go to find the goodness rather. back to melbourne goodness it is! I am looking forward to seeing Connie Lichti's work at Stephen McGlaughlan Gallery from saturday may 3, she used to help at the ceramics studio I go to.
I will spring into action now and be back soon!