Thursday, 20 March 2008

australian fridge magnet set

australian fridge magnet set, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

the only treats to come out of the kiln before the long drought...
I made these with cookie cutters ages ago - and have already sent the one shaped like Australia to my brother (a pretend birthday present that was more a sneaky domestic device to remind him of where I am every day).
The postcards on the fridge, the left 2 from Ainjali, the amazing amazing glasses she works with now, and a slice of Italy from nearly 2 years ago! the ladies I bought back from my Europe travels with mum 10 frickin years ago and the right from when Melissa was in Korea (yes, a number of years ago also) I have a collectors reflex for portable images ok.
So the drought, Easter means no pottery. following the Easter break I will be swanning around NZ getting drunk with my much beloved and dreadfully missed friends and family, which is excellent, but no pottery, for like a month. not sure I will cope and will probably not blog in sulky protest.
So please follow my lead and make up for the downfalls of Easter with outrageous amounts of Chocolate. (Melissa I know you are with me)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


this is awesome. all my tactile textile clay dreams come true...
sadly not realised by me, but by Becky Harle.
I have been potting, don't you worry, potting like mad - just not glazing. I'm hoarding, stock piling, delaying, plotting and mostly just being a bit lazy. Luckily I took a photo of my latest cheap thrill before they managed to jump off the shelf in the night (luckily only one broke, one with quite severe denting and one totally fine).
More will be assembled shortly (taller thinner faster)

Thursday, 6 March 2008

a treat

couldn't help it.
I swear, I was lured into the shop against my will and forced to choose from a wide selection of awesome books. I could have chosen something cheaper or not even entered the alluring store in the first place. But, who am I to mess with fate?
from my pretty new The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper

Tracy Kendall

Susan Bradley

Louise Body

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

quite itchy

hoodie jacket, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

oh my god the sewing machine has seen some recent action. Its not quite a miracle, but I was starting to wonder...
As per usual the project has been deemed completed at the wearable but not entirely finished stage. I started this last winter and wore it overlapping and buttoned on one shoulder but It would open out and flap around and pop buttons off randomly. Hence the zip. The whole thing cost almost nothing to make from a big wool remnant a bargain zip and some scrap vintage goodness left over from making pretty cushions for the lounge.