Thursday, 20 March 2008

australian fridge magnet set

australian fridge magnet set, originally uploaded by lisatoni.

the only treats to come out of the kiln before the long drought...
I made these with cookie cutters ages ago - and have already sent the one shaped like Australia to my brother (a pretend birthday present that was more a sneaky domestic device to remind him of where I am every day).
The postcards on the fridge, the left 2 from Ainjali, the amazing amazing glasses she works with now, and a slice of Italy from nearly 2 years ago! the ladies I bought back from my Europe travels with mum 10 frickin years ago and the right from when Melissa was in Korea (yes, a number of years ago also) I have a collectors reflex for portable images ok.
So the drought, Easter means no pottery. following the Easter break I will be swanning around NZ getting drunk with my much beloved and dreadfully missed friends and family, which is excellent, but no pottery, for like a month. not sure I will cope and will probably not blog in sulky protest.
So please follow my lead and make up for the downfalls of Easter with outrageous amounts of Chocolate. (Melissa I know you are with me)


  1. ohhh yes, i'm with you allright. :)
    i can't believe you still have that postcard- and, strangely, i remember it exactly. i hope you have fun in NZ! (sob..) enjoy that N sunshine. i love the magnets- ceramics for the fridge- just perfect. xx

  2. Thanks,, am going to a wedding in auckland (1st time outside the airport) then wellington for 10 days, mum is coming up for a girls weekend in the middle. i have been told wellington is expecting a long summer and that it has been hot!(shock and disbelief) but, sunshine may be on the cards... although nothing beats nelson sun!