Thursday, 24 January 2008

a sulky return

mmmmh I have to give the wheel back.
Its all tidy and ready to go (sans the 2 sponges next doors cat abducted), but I don't wanna! I harrumphed quite a lot today using the last of the clay and the last of my available 'wheel time'. (I was forced to take a curious visit to my old friend ebay.. its been a while, but I cant afford to fall in love with bidding again, so just took a very calm, tentative peek... the $80 bargain? beauty nearly had me, but I was strong - and for goodness sake, class starts on tuesday and it seriously is terribly impractical trying to make pottery outside in the sun under a very dropsy tree with 2 thieving cats waiting for me to abandon my post).
all of that aside, heres the last of the things made at home...

It was down to the wire, but quite satisfying to use the last of the clay and the porcelain slip on the last day. I plan on making up some shellac tomorrow if I get a chance before work, it should be ready for resisting next week - I want those cups and small cylinder (vase?) things to be etched with ridges, very simple ridges, and then glazed very simply for an all over simpleness (and ahem, ribbed for pleasure. both visual and tactile)
the results in just a few weeks!

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  1. oh- poor you having to give the wheel back! i like your last batch made with it. and it really makes me laugh to think of you sitting, potting under a tree with cats nearby! lisa, ... are you turning into a hippy? ;) xx