Tuesday, 29 January 2008


yes, some relatively hippy-like activity has been happening (at one with the soil of the earth type stuff). Not only potting in the elements in my back yard, but also stomping around in the dust and the heat trying to be a festival type. Im not sure I am. Logan got us some very very last minute tickets to the big day out which I went to solely to see bjork -this dreadful singlemindedness led me to miss Arcade Fire. regretting!
All is well, and the shellac is waiting to be applied....
mmm ridgy


  1. ohh- you saw bjork? lucky thing- i would give my arms to see her. sigh.. was she fantastic?


  2. she was amazing - she had hurt her throat/voice and didnt sing in Sydney at all, but came out and did her best in melbourne, which I still thought was the best thing ever!!!!! i love her i love her i love her