Saturday, 12 January 2008

nervous laughter

you know all those bright new challenges for the bright new year? well, some are just a bit silly really. For example, deciding to sew a dress to wear to Aaron and Vanja's wedding. A 1930s themed event that i have the impression is to be perfect. So in an attempt to please, I thought authentic would be good, and so a pattern was purchased...

pretty isn't it? whats even prettier is the nana floral silk i have fallen in love with at artextil

luckily, I managed to save face by just taking these swatches - it was only after I left the shop that I had a melt down over the $75 per meter price tag. Later that day, Auntie Tracey deciphered the measurements on the back of the pattern to announce the damn thing is going to need 5 meters! This is very bad, I'm not even sure I can actually sew this thing.
At this stage I am plotting an alternative route (a cheap option)...

I have so much poplin lying around its not funny, but it is very very cheap. I'm thinking some gypsy gold printing of the undecipherable Vogue measurement charts. I like the large scale - looks like city lights, good for the art deco theme, but much more difficult to print, will have to do some tests? not sure this is the best of ideas, but I do have a backup dress I wore as Amber's bridesmaid.

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  1. Lovely shape to this design. Lovely shape to your cups and vessels. too. Good luck on finding a suitable fabric!