Tuesday, 11 December 2007


It actually happened, I have posted a Christmas gift. It wont get there on time at all, but I have actually posted a Christmas gift.
A sneak pee
k perhaps?

I felt like the little splityarn purse wasn't enough. I still hadn't put any of those leather scraps to any use, so set about making a little leather covered not
e book (from the inspiration that hit when I purchased the wrapping paper). It turned out very very badly. So, I had an original pattern design - the glasses - and wanted to make a complementing item to the purse...

some black leather from the stockpile,a bit of poplin sprayed with gold fabric paint through the glasses stencil and a strap from an unused camisole (too lazy to get to the fabric shop and too impatient to wait until I acquired the right materials, ie a bit of elastic)

I glued and stitched, un-picked and re-stitched a diary jacket that snuggly fits my moleskine.

I loooove my moleskine diary, but it is about to lose it down the spine from a year
of activity. Maybe the diary jacket idea is commercially viable? I was too cheap and too impatient to purchase said diary for part of this gift, so glued and stitched a blank note book of the same dimensions to fit inside the jacket. Once again using materials at hand (thanks Sam for appropriating reams of photo-copy paper from the office) I used a branded ribbon from the packaging of some beautiful jewelery Logan gave me last year, to secure the spine and bookmark pages.

And voila! complete and posted!

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