Monday, 17 December 2007

from scratch

thats it. no more colour, its had its chance, simple black and white is the way for all pottery until I get bored...
these 'bendigo' outcomes are what pushed me over the edge to the extreme colour ban.

naaaasty! I cant even justify applying these colours or patterns. All that glaze is doing is making good shapes ugly. Maybe form now on I will only use clear glaze, under glaze, slip and different types of clay. I dont know, I just want to make pretty things !!!!!

on to other peoples work... a few finds at make

Lisa Boyter The calligraphic markings on Lisa's vessels and large vases are hand-painted to the inside of mold before being filled with porcelain slip. The result is a unique and permanent record of individual expressive action. The surface is then polished with paper to enhance the translucent glass-like appearance. These vessels are beautiful as well as strong and resilient. Prices start at $250AUD.

porcelain vessel

Love the organic lines- great technique. The pattern is lumpy on the inside of the vessel which a nice handmade touch, showing the process.

great use of coloured clay, something I could look into to ease my no coloured glaze policy... very pretty shapes, all unique hand made and so simple.

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