Thursday, 13 December 2007

caffinated again

It would be too much to ask for... one stand alone project with an outcome of unlimited prospects instead of this Christmas tree of small idea lights all flicking at once!!
Often when you are all over the place with no one to reel you in, wandering occurs. In my case, internet wandering, where items are transferred from the not even knowing about them category to the I MUST HAVE THIS category before your mind catches up to moderate the wildest desires.

Annette Bugansky pots I discovered on flickr in a ceramics photo pool. I Love them, so simple, such a clever integration of textile and clay.

And I cant stop thinking about Gwyn Hanssen Pigott. Who could? Not only are the shapes and surfaces stunning, I have a real admiration for all 'elevated' domestic objects. Gwyn's arrangements have such a quiet rhythm, each group is perfect.
I went to the wheel yesterday in the heat and threw these...

The oval shape is experimental (a cup gone wrong) but I like it, its been very shadily repaired with some slip, so is likely to crack but its a shape I will try again.

Another idea thats been on the shelf... I have this beautiful little book called speak Italian full of images of old Neapolitan hand gestures. I love them and am itching to reproduce them on card or cloth.
I have nearly finished a pot of coffee that I am positive will push me through a few more tricks for the day, first of all putting those animal shaped cookie cutters into action!

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