Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Even pottery went out the window last week... Logan and I went to dog-sit on the other side of the river making early classes and late work impossible for someone erring toward lazy. Positive points of note are however
  1. I did a favour for my boss
  2. I got to hang out in a house with just Logan and one crazy boxer
  3. I clocked a few hours at work (thus lubricating some outrageous spending)
  4. Had another other side of the river experience
  5. Was nearly attacked my a magpie for the first time (positive point for the thrill of survival)
And now some New Zealanders are here to distract me with their duty free and onion soup/reduced cream dip...

The house over the river is full of things (and magazines of things) that are so super design-y... the jealousy raged! I couldn't stop looking at this painting. I feel bad for not remembering who painted it, but I think its supposed to be breasts. So simple and beautiful.

Ps walking past an aboriginal art gallery on Bourke street about a week ago, I noticed a painting similar to this... a bit of detective work and the artist is.....Minnie Pwerle.The idea that the motif is breasts is slightly questionable?

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