Monday, 19 November 2007


Ironing fabric and other kinks can be very satisfying. I am currently trying to smooth my life out and catch up on about 3 weeks of not normal. Starting from today with this post. Lots to catch up on, I have a few pots to photograph and some selections to make for the end of year exhibition. I am being leaned on to put some things in to sell, but which??? Very scary, and happening this weekend before my big vases have been glazed, dammit!
So the photos here are evidence of a flurry of stitching on the last day Amber was here... It all began after stumbling unknowingly from Richmond Train station into a golden haven of fabric. Artextil at 285 Lennox Street. I am yet to tackle this amazing cotton drill shot with stainless steel, very exciting! The skirts we made were all cut from a little A-Line Amber had with her, one military styles thanks to an old iron on patch I have had for years, and one cute apron type of thing pictured. We made one greenish and one blue underskirt for the apron with patterned facings and brightly coloured zips for secret off-the-wall-ness.

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