Friday, 8 February 2008

Today I am basking in the glory of receiving a 'you make my day' award! Generously gifted to me by Kirsten of Assemblage. I now take on the task of spreading the love by selecting blogs that make my day for the award, listing them here and commenting on their blogs to let them know the have won. I know I was well and truly over the moon to receive mine so here goes...
With the exception of Melissa who introduced m
e to blogging by modestly inviting me to look upon hers back in the day (a regular remedy for homesickness and crafting motivation) The small list of 5 are treasures discovered through joyful linkage and endless amounts of flickr browsing.
Mel for ceramics approaches and stunning outcomes
Diana for wonderfully shared processes and events to celebrate ceramics
Jen for the food the booze and the photos
Melissa for the strength and adventure
Paula for considering simpleness

Thank you all for making my day! now back to my glorious domestic duties...Ps I am guilty of being a chronic lurker and a lazy blogger. well more like a binge blogger, where for days I will abstain then suddenly can't get enough, chaotically following links photos names shops blogs tutorials editorials anything I can get.... without the grace to leave some thanks, I apologise and promise to be better from now on. I hope this doesn't seem like an introduction to a crazy person. (I make pots and things -slowly- and am still in awe of the mass of talent available for my greedy eyes on the internet. I am not quite crazy)


  1. Jen you are more than welcome - love your work!

  2. apologies for not following up on this Lisa! Head in too many places right now!! But thank you!!