Sunday, 29 March 2009


me and my stuff have to part ways. Its an unbearable concept so I'm 'not' thinking about it, and attempting to complicate things further by using up all of the clay at home... this could result in having a lot more stuff to part from, or a lot of incompletes floating around. Logan and I are moving to London, but I dont have my visa yet, I dont know when I will get it, fingers crossed everything is right and I will get it... I am stressing out about it, its true, I am a worrier.
Luckily the lovely Kirsty Rebbecca of the brand spanking new Lucien Midnight on Johnston st will sell my ceramic stuff for me. Its god awful ebay for my dresser and lamps and sewing machine and lounge suite and chairs and STUFF that freaks me. Which is why I haven't even started it.
haha . . . ?
Anyway, I have been stocking my etsy shop as things come out of the kiln, in the hope of flicking a few things off before depositing them in the real life shop.

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  1. wow! exciting news for you guys. :)
    hope you can get excited along with the entailed stress...