Sunday, 21 October 2007

Slowcraft Manifesto

Pick a name for your blog...
Having created this thing with only the most vague ideas about what I might like to publish on the internet, the only truths that have developed during recent explorations of my crafting ambitions are the following.
  1. I have crafting ambitions
  2. I am quite slow at achieving said crafting ambitions...
Slowcraft is born. Essentially an attempt to not only document and share my crafting, but to speed it all up to the point that I feel productive! Having dragged myself to the bitter end of a bachelor of design while working full time in restaurants and bars (see current occupation as evidence of what stuck) its time to resurrect what few design sensibilities I may have left after all this time out of the game.
My current focus orbits around a local pottery studio
where I have been learning to throw on the wheel since late last year. I do own a sewing machine (the evil Lydia who I purchased from ebay purely because she is gorgeous) there is also evidence to suggest that from time to time I do know how to construct bits and pieces on a sewing machine. (Even the evil Lydia). Recently I have abducted our second living area as my sewing/storage room. As of yet I am not paying any extra rent for this rude appropriation of space (bless my flatmates)... Just to top of my list of 'no more excuses' I have reduced my roster to a pitiful 2 nights a week. The poverty is horrifying, but the free time is gold.

Starting with the most recent success to come out of the kiln, these two bottles were the last of the bottle shapes I made in a 'make them until you can make them' trial that took quite a long time
(Slowcraft, remember).

In a break from the norm I actually chose some silk from my pile of fabric (all purchased in advance for potential projects), and am on my way to finishing a top cut from an old

I still love the print and the softness of the cotton on this t, but its become dangerously crop-top-ish and stretched a bit sideways. Despite issues of wear and tear the shape is simple enough to host a print/pattern, and all has been going very well including the tidiest seams
I have ever sewn along the shoulders and sides.... until I was challenged by some curvy neckline and arm hole action. Yet to be resolved, as am determined to continue the tidy thing to the end with limited course language.

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